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SiteCaster - Digital Signage made simple

Digital signage displays show product information, advertisement, news and other content in public places like retail stores, airports, car dealerships and restaurants. SiteCaster Digital Signage software gets you started quickly since it is easy to set up and maintain. .read more

SiteKiosk - Kiosk Software

Kiosk browser software for safeguarding public access computer terminals and Internet PCs. Protect your public PCs and prevent user access to the operating system and system critical files and folders. .read more

ESC Hard and Software Solutions

ESC biedt een totaaloplossing aan op het vlak van ICT voor KMO's read more


Tapango is an electronic wallet which contains all plastic and paper items like loyalty cards, vouchers, tickets, etc, which we carry today in our wallet, electronically on a chip-enables card. Communication with the Tapango is contactless, making the system far more robust and enabling us to get a Tapango in different formats. read more